The idea of opening this blog came about while reading various articles about wine on newspapers, blogs and trade magazines. Wine seems to have now become something complex, burdensome, difficult - it no longer represents a moment of company among friends and relatives, or one of extreme harmony with a lover.

Dry, tannic, intense aroma, persistency, spicy bouquet with ethereal scents...

This is what wine has become: a hoard of grandiose jargon that oenology Gurus use to have fun while describing biodynamic wines, aged in barrels made from Acacia rather than Slavonic oak.

Dear readers, how many of you have at least once been interrupted - while walking around in a wine shop or while reading through the wine list - by a mystical figure, kindly offering their help in your choice of wine? You may have said yes, or you may have said no. Either way, you have probably been looked down on by that Sommelier, who has then started reciting a description learned by heart of the Champagne soil and the vintage of 1962.

How do I know all that? Easy, I am one of them. I am a Sommelier too.

However, in our defence, please, stop talking about barrique wines - no bottle of wine has ever been left ageing in trenches during the 15'-18' war.

In short, that's why I want to write about wine: to provide some notions, maybe even using some jargon, but keeping it as simple as possible. This way, we can maybe go back to appreciating this product that has nothing in common with the pretentiousness that surrounds it nowadays.